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XIII (2008)


Title page

Editor letter

Thirty Years of Progress in Chitin and Chitosan

G. A. F. Roberts

Physicochemical Properties of Chitin – Protein Complex from Shell of Kamchatsky Crab (Paralithodes camchaticus) at Various Stages of Molting Cycle

V. F. Uryash, S. V. Nemtsev, N. Yu. Kokurina, E. A. Ezhova, D.S. Zagorskaya, N. P. Kovacheva

Chitosan Dicarboxylic Acid Salts

A. Wojtasz-Pająk

New Chitosan Strucutre in the Form of the Thermosensitive Gels

R. Zarzycki, Z. Modrzejewska, M. Łukomska, A. Wojtasz-Pająk

Investigation of inactivation of Chitin Deacetylase in a Membrane Reactor

 M. Jaworska, E. Konieczna-Mordas

Influence of a Chosen Auxiliary Substance on the Properties of Hydrophilic Gels Containing Lactic Acid Complex with Chitosan

K. Małolepsza–Jarmołowska

A Comparison of Sorption Efficiency of Basic Violet 10 onto Chitosan and Fly Ashes and Sawdust Immobilized onto Chitosan

U. Filipkowska, J. Rodziewicz, E. Dziadkiewicz

Methods for Preparation of Hybrid Spherical Chitosan/Poly(Latic Acid) Structures

J. Balcerzak, M. Mucha

Sonication of Chitin Solutions and Characterization by Size Exclusion Chromatography

J. Szumilewicz, B. Pabin-Szafko

Isolation and Purification of Intracellular Chitosanolytic Enzymes of Mucor circinelloides

K. Struszczyk, M. Szczęsna - Antczak, T. Antczak

Influence of Dibutyrylochitin on Histamine Release from Mast Cells

A. Błasińska, T. Kun

Hydroxyapatite – Chitosan Biocomposites

M. Ratajska, K. Haberko, D. Ciechańska, A. Niekraszewicz, M. Kucharska

Influence of Different Change on Bioavailability of Medicine Chitosans Antiphlogistic Drugs

J. Meler

Influence of Factor on Ownership in Model-Chemical Absorption of Chitosans in vitro

J. Meler, J. Pluta

Use of Chitosan Film Coatings in the Storage of Carrots (Daucus carota)

W. Wójcik, U. Złotek

The Application of Chitosan, Pythium oligandrum and Grapefruit Extract in the Protection of Runner Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) from Soil-Borne Phytopathogens

E. Patkowska

The “in Vitro” Effect of Chitosan, Grapefruit Extract and Pythium oligandrum on the Growth of the Main Fungal Pathogens of Stewartia Pseudocamellia (Max.)

H. Kurzawińska, J. Duda-Surman, P. Muras

The Effect of Chitosan and Pythium oligandrum Used in Protection of Potato Tubers Against Late Blight and Soft Rot

H. Kurzawińska, S. Mazur

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